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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Former FBI official: Firing Strzok was justified - he, Comey and McCabe disgraced the FBI
Summary with new information since yesterday, from articles in English
Comey, despite holding clearances as head of the FBI, contradicted himself before Congress, leaked documents through a secret cutout, proudly triggered Mueller's appointment, and then cashed in with a big-money book . (article 4)

Then Andrew McCabe turned out to be a subterranean anti-Trump partisan, who was reproached by the Justice Department's inspector general for breach of integrity . (article 4)

He and fired Fired FBI Director James Comey and fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe have done more damage to America's premier law enforcement agency than anyone in its storied 110-year history . (article 3)

Because President Donald Trump has frequently tweeted denunciations of this trio, it's understandable that many people view their firings as unjustified political vendettas by the president against his critics . (article 3)

All three of these rogue FBI officials put themselves on pedestals and cast themselves as noble heroes willing to sacrifice their own careers for the cause of truth and justice . (article 3)

The action was a decisive step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what has been described as Comey's " skinny inner circle . (article 3)

According to the Department of Justice inspector general, Strzok also used his private email to send and receive classified information - exactly the misconduct by Hillary Clinton he was supposed to be investigating . (article 3)

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    3. Former FBI official: Firing Strzok was justified - he, Comey and McCabe disgraced the FBI (FOX News, 08/14/2018, 1155 words)
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