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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Thousands of people joined hands to remember the f...
Summary with new information since yesterday, from articles in English
" The only official word that should ever be trusted are the actual police reports and information released by the police he said . (article 2)

" We will be conducting the investigation regarding compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations Laragh Dooley, acting director of communications, said in an email . (article 2)

A New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench judge has issued an order, prohibiting the publication or broadcast of previously reported details about the Fredericton shooting . (article 2)

In the meantime, the media cannot "publish, broadcast, re-broadcast, transmit, re-transmit, or disseminate" any of the information already in the public domain, according to the order . (article 2)

It remains in effect "until the termination of criminal proceedings" related to the case, which could take months, possibly years . (article 2)

Raymond of Fredericton, who was shot by police, is in custody and faces four counts of first-degree murder . (article 2)

His neighbour in another building on the property , Christopher Gill, is not sure how he will feel returning but is just waiting for the go-ahead .

Cross spokesperson Dan Bedell and Judith Aguilar both said they are waiting for the go-ahead from police before they start getting people back into their homes .

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