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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Ontario's Progressive Conservative government anno...
Summary with new information since yesterday, from articles in English
The new plan - which will see the province launch online cannabis sales on October 17 - means sales at bricks and mortar stores won't begin until April 1, 2019 . (article 1)

Inc., one of the major players in Canada's pot industry, and Alcanna Inc., which runs 229 private liquor outlets in Alberta, B.C. and Alaska, offered kudos to the province for change in how cannabis will be sold . (article 1)

The businesses said they have a licensing deal that will allow Alcanna to open retail cannabis stores under the Aurora name once regulations permit . (article 1)

Municipal elections coming in the fall also play a role in the timing of the launch of physical cannabis stores, as newly elected councils will be offered a one-time chance to opt out of having retail stores in their area . (article 1)

Mallough did express some disappointment that in-store cannabis sales won't begin until next spring . (article 1)

As of July 1, 2018, Ontario will have tougher drug-impaired driving laws, including a " zero tolerance for young and novice drivers and commercial drivers . (article 3)

The provincial government will provide $40 million to municipalities over two years to help with costs, such as law enforcement, incurred with the legalization of recreational marijuana . (article 3)

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