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Omarosa's Trump tape story unravels, as more officials challenge 'N-word' claim
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Her words come after Trump escalated their messy clash on Tuesday, referring to the longtime colleague, who had been the top African-American in his White House, as " that dog . (article 2)

Asked if the book can be backed up by email or recordings, Manigault Newman said on CBS that every quote in the book " can be verified, corroborated and it's well documented suggesting she may have more information to release . (article 2)

House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters, "Every administration prior to the Trump administration has had NDAs" - particularly for anyone with a security clearance . (article 2)

She commented just hours after Trump's campaign announced it was filing an arbitration action against her, alleging that she violated a secrecy agreement . (article 7)

She also declined to discuss details of her interview with special counsel Robert Mueller's office, which she confirmed in a separate interview Tuesday . (article 7)

Discussing the differences between their views, she said: " One, I want to see this nation united as opposed to divided . (article 7)

Trump recently tweeted that it took the "dumbest man on television" also an African-American to make James "look smart and he regularly refers to Waters as" low I.Q. . (article 7)

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