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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Raymond Bachand , a former Quebec provincial finance minister and the province's NAFTA negotiator, made the comments in an interview with CBC News Network's Power & Politics on Tuesday. (article 1) " There's two or three other issues which are really bilateral issues with Mexico, like seasonality of fruit and things like that. (article 1) The United States President Donald Trump administration doesn't have the legal authority to sideswipe Canada and sign a bilateral trade deal with Mexico, Quebec's chief NAFTA negotiator said Monday. (article 2) Bachand said "there is no worry whatsoever" the current one-on-one talks between the United States and Mexico will end in a trade deal signed without Canada. (article 2) Bilateral NAFTA negotiations between the two countries have been building momentum in recent weeks, while Canada has yet to return to the table this summer. (article 2) After a short gondola ride together through thick fog and rain clouds up Mount Mansfield on Sunday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Vermont Gov. Phil Scott spoke warmly about the importance of trade between their two countries. (article 5) Despite the beautiful landscape at the Stowe Mountain Resort and the smiles and handshakes, Trump's trade policies and tone toward Canada loomed large over the gathering. (article 5)

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