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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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Woman arrested at 'extremist Muslim' New Mexico compound moved to federal custody, sheriff says
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The state judge who on Monday set a $20,000 bail for five defendants arrested at a remote New Mexico compound where authorities say children were being trained to conduct school shootings has a history of issuing low bail to violent offenders. (article 5) Judge Sarah Backus set a $20,000 bond for each defendant and ordered that the two men and three women wear ankle monitors, have weekly contact with their attorneys, not consume alcohol and have no firearms. (article 2) Police raided the property € "a squalid makeshift living compound near the Colorado state line €" more than a week ago in response to a report of children living in filth, severe hunger and dangers including a leaky propane tank. (article 2) Administrative Office of the Courts Director Artie Pepin said Tuesday said that Judge Sarah Backus has come under attack through social media, emails and telephone calls. (article 1) Backus says prosecutors presented troubling information Monday in court about the defendants but failed to articulate any specific danger to the community. (article 1) Pepin says a judge's responsibility is to make impartial decisions based on evidence in court and not popular sentiment from other information. (article 1) News of Jany Leveille's transfer comes a day after a judge ruled against the request of prosecutors to keep the five suspects imprisoned. (article 4)

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