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Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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DNC co-chair, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison denies abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend
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Allegations of domestic abuse against Rep. Keith Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and the first Muslim elected to Congress, continued to rock the race for attorney general in Minnesota as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday. (article 3) Key primary races were also underway in Connecticut, where Republicans hope to snatch yet another governorship in deep-blue New England, as well as Vermont and Wisconsin. (article 3) The abuse allegation against Ellison, who has vowed to fight President Donald Trump's agenda by seeking to restore ObamaCare and net neutrality regulations, loomed especially large nationally. (article 3) State attorney general positions like Ellison is seeking are increasingly influential nationwide, as state governments escalate their legal assaults on the Trump administration over a variety of policy matters. (article 3) Karen Monahan said via Twitter that her son's posting was "true" but did not respond to an Associated Press request to review the messages and video. (article 1) It's all about the governors in Tuesday's primaries as voters in several states pick their parties' candidates for races seen as competitive in November. (article 4) Another candidate in the race, Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley, said the allegations were serious, according to the station. (article 2)

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