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Now Playing: Time lapse: Hurricane Harvey moves towards Texas coast (World, 10 articles) [UPDATE]
Now Playing: Suspected driver in Barcelona attack shot and killed, appeared to be wearing explosive belt: Police. Now Playing: Eye of hurricane to pass over area home to nearly half of America's oil refineries. Now Playing: Houston residents urged to stay off roads during serious and unprecedented storm Now Playing: Flights canceled, cruises unable to dock due to Hurricane Harvey. Now Playing: San Antonio Mayor: No one will be turned away, we 're here to help Now Playing: Hurricane Harvey: Storm surge and inland flooding are main focus. Now Playing: The Money Fight: McGregor, Mayweather on the most lucrative fight in sports history. Now Playing: Who will survive the Game of Thrones' season finale? Now Playing: Paramore performs Told You So live in Central Park. Now Playing: Car sales hit a summer slump dropping in July for the 5th month in a row. Now Playing: Cronut creator stops by Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis' Now Playing : FCC cracks down on company's robo-calls.

North Korea likely tested a weapon that could start a Second Korean War (World, 13 articles) [UPDATE]
North Korea fired several short-range missiles into the sea off its east coast early on Saturday, South Korea and the U.S. military said, as the two allies conducted annual joint military drills that the North denounces as preparation for war. The test came just days after senior U.S. officials praised North Korea and Kim Jong Un for showing restraint in not firing any missiles since late July. The U.S. Pacific Command has revised its assessment of the latest North Korean missile launches, saying the first and third projectiles did not fail in flight.
Iraqi military reclaims city of Tal Afar after rapid Islamic State collapse (World, 6 articles)
Iraq's military fully reclaimed this northern city from the group that calls itself the Islamic State on Sunday in a rapid campaign that defied expectations that the extremist group would put up a fierce resistance in one of its last major strongholds. Iraqi forces have retaken almost all of Tal Afar, Islamic State's stronghold in the country's northwest, the Iraqi military said on Sunday. After just eight days of fighting, all 29 neighborhoods in Tal Afar city had been taken back from the militant group, the military said in a statement on Sunday.

Trump slaps sanctions on Venezuela; Maduro sees effort to force default (World, 5 articles)
Venezuela held nationwide armed forces exercises on Saturday, calling on civilians to join reserve units to defend against a possible attack after U.S. President Donald Trump warned that a "military option" was on the table for the crisis-hit country. The U.S. on Friday restricted the ability of Venezuela to tap American debt markets for funding, escalating Washington's economic crackdown against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's cash-strapped government . Trump's executive order prohibits institutions in the U.S. from trading new bonds with Maduro's government , including through the state-owned oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA.
If goal in Afghanistan 'is stalemate, we have achieved it,' former US envoy says (World, 5 articles)
Alice Wells, Washington's special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, had been scheduled to meet Pakistani officials this week in Islamabad. In Karachi police officer Irfan Baloch said police took action when a group of Shiite students tried to march toward the U.S. consulate and an officer was injured in the process. US President Donald Trump in a speech announcing a new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia said Washington wanted an immediate end to militant sanctuaries, particularly to members of the Haqqani network blamed for some of the worst attacks in Afghanistan.

Restored footage of Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles released on YouTube (World, 4 articles) [UPDATE]
The shock came late on a summer evening: After an idyllic Mediterranean holiday, Princess Diana had been in a car crash in Paris. Time has blurred the memories, but people around the world still remember Diana Frances Spencer as a young bride, so taken with Prince Charles , and as a glamorous trendsetter dancing at the White House with John Travolta . Here is a timeline of the key moments in Diana's life : -July 1, 1961: Spencer is born into an aristocratic family.
After deadly protests, Indian states in lockdown for 'godman's' rape sentencing (World, 4 articles) [UPDATE]
At least 38 people were killed and more than 200 injured in the violence in Haryana, officials said, drawing sharp criticism for the state government run by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, the head of a social welfare and spiritual group, was found guilty of raping two followers in a case dating back to 2002 at the headquarters of his Dera Sacha Sauda group in the northern town of Sirsa. Supporters rampaged in response, attacking railway stations, petrol stations and television vans in towns across the northern states of Punjab and Haryana, witnesses said.

50,000 in Barcelona join march to declare ‘I’m not afraid (World, 4 articles) [UPDATE]
Hundreds of thousands of peace marchers flooded the heart of Barcelona on Saturday shouting "I 'm not afraid" - a public rejection of violence following extremist attacks that killed 15 people, Spain's deadliest in more than a decade. Barcelona police say about 500,000 people have joined an anti-violence march under tight security protesting last week's deadly attacks that killed 15 people. At the end of the march Saturday, Rosa Maria Sarda and Muslim activist Miriam Hatibi read short speeches and poems from a stage in the city's main central square.
UK opposition Labour backs soft Brexit, putting pressure on May (World, 5 articles) [UPDATE]
Labour wanted to avoid a damaging "cliff edge" for the economy from an abrupt separation in less than two years. Senior ministers in May's Conservative government have ruled out remaining in the single market and customs union during any transitional phase following Brexit. Britain will pay "not a penny more, not a penny less" than what the government thinks its legal obligations are to the European Union as the country leaves the bloc, UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday.

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