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Powerball ticket sold in Massachusetts; sole winner to get $758.7M jackpot
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Wanczyk, the Massachusetts woman who won the second-largest prize in Powerball history, quickly quit her job at a medical center after learning she won the $758.7 million prize Wednesday night .

O'Leary said a common mistake by people who receive financial windfalls whether from the lottery or, more commonly, an inheritance or bonus at work is that they spend on "frivolous" things .

" They 're not experienced in how to manage that kind of capital, and that's because they tend to invest immediately in things that are frivolous .

Wanczyk also made a smart decision, according to O'Leary , in choosing to get a lump sum payment of her $758.7 million Powerball win .

Experts also advise hiring a lawyer and an accountant or financial adviser who can be a point of contact for family, friends and acquaintances who may ask for money .

An entrepreneur who created the "As Seen on TV" nameplate, Harrington is on the board of LottoG, a website where people can order custom lottery tickets instead of purchasing them from a store . (article 7)

Lottery winners receive a lot of attention, but Harrington said it's best to lay low and start crafting a plan for what to do with the money 2 . (article 7)

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