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North Korea likely tested a weapon that could start a Second Korean War
Summary with new information since yesterday, from articles in English
(Tony Benn, MP 1925-2014) " No country too poor, too small, too far away, not to be threat, a threat to the American way of life. (article 3)

The mention of one tiny country appears to strike at the rationality and sanity of those who should know far better. (article 3)

Sunday, 6 th August, for example, The Guardian headed an editorial: " The Guardian view on sanctions: an essential tool. (article 3)

This time of course, the target is North Korea upon whom the United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to freeze, strangulate and deny essentials, normality, humanity. (article 3)

Then, there they were at the same venue but the Trump Administration clearly does not alone live in a land of missed opportunities, but of opportunities deliberately buried in landfill miles deep. (article 3)

This in spite of his having said in the same statement: " There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. (article 3)

A bit of perspective: 27 th July 2017 marked sixty four years since the armistice agreement that ended the devastating three year Korean war, however there has never been a peace treaty, thus technically the Korean war has never ended. (article 3)

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    Source articles
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    11. North Koreans tortured and killed over religious beliefs, new State Department report says (FOX News, 08/24/2017, 633 words)
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    13. Canadian pastor escaped execution due to foreign citizenship: CBC (Reuters, 08/27/2017, 277 words)

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