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Hurricane Harvey closes key oil, gas operations in Texas
Summary with new information since yesterday, from articles in English
One bright spot: Valero Energy Corp. said its two Corpus Christi-area refineries that were shut ahead of the storm didn't sustain much damage, so the company is looking for a way to restart operations, but bringing them back also requires the port to be functional . (article 1)

The actively traded RBOB October gasoline contract price spiked nearly 10 cents a gallon on Wednesday and Thursday, to $1.59/gallon . (article 1)

Follette said refineries in the storm's path that hadn't closed may have already lowered capacity and reduced staff as they await a final decision on the threat of flooding . (article 1)

" Inspection, repairs, getting things up and running and restoring power, can be costly and time consuming . (article 1)

Harvey has also shut down several big offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, with roughly 22% of offshore oil production now stopped . (article 1)

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    Source articles
    1. Some Houston refineries shut amid massive flooding (, 08/27/2017, 882 words)
    2. Hurricane Harvey closes key oil, gas operations in Texas (, 08/26/2017, 994 words)
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