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Trump's shutdown threat escalates feud with McConnell, Ryan
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So, analysts say, Trump and Republican leaders will need the votes of Democrats, who generally favor a clean bill, to raise the debt limit and avoid a default .

Armed with this edge, Democrats are considering using the debt debate to press Republicans for bipartisan tax reform, said Democratic Senate aides, which would inject new uncertainty into the debt limit issue .

Overhauling the tax code is a top priority for Trump and his fellow Republicans, but they have made little progress since the president took office in January .

SCHUMER, PELOSI SKEPTICAL Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi are skeptical about supporting a debt ceiling increase while Republicans pursue tax cuts that Democrats say would cause the federal deficit to balloon .

For now, Senate and House Democrats are watching Republicans and the Republican President Donald Trump administration wrangle over the debt ceiling, with no clear plan yet in sight .

Ryan said on Thursday that Congress will pass legislation to raise the federal debt ceiling, noting that lawmakers have several options .

Democrats have been talking about using the debt ceiling as a lever against Republican tax reform since June and laid out their conditions for working together on tax legislation in an Aug. 1 letter to Trump and Republican leaders .

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