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Sunday, August 27, 2017
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UK opposition Labour backs soft Brexit, putting pressure on May
Summary from United States, from articles in English
[UPDATED] (see summary with new information since yesterday)
Labour wanted to avoid a damaging "cliff edge" for the economy from an abrupt separation in less than two years. (article 2) Senior ministers in May's Conservative government have ruled out remaining in the single market and customs union during any transitional phase following Brexit. (article 2) Britain will pay "not a penny more, not a penny less" than what the government thinks its legal obligations are to the European Union as the country leaves the bloc, UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday. (article 4) Divisions between Britain and the EU over mapping out their divorce will be laid bare in Brussels next week when the two sides meet for another round of talks whose timetable already looks tight. (article 5) After a prolonged period of relatively benign economic numbers following last year's vote to leave the European Union, there are now signs of a potentially serious slow down. (article 1) Since mid-August, London has been releasing official papers on issues such as trade, customs, the European Court of Justice, and what the province of Northern Ireland's future border with EU member Ireland will look like. (article 1) While the pound weakness is not directly linked to the papers, their release has clearly done nothing to improve confidence in the currency. (article 1)

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