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Sunday, August 27, 2017
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Now Playing: Time lapse: Hurricane Harvey moves towards Texas coast
Summary from United States, from articles in English
[UPDATED] (see summary with new information since yesterday)
Now Playing: Suspected driver in Barcelona attack shot and killed, appeared to be wearing explosive belt: Police. (article 10) Now Playing: Eye of hurricane to pass over area home to nearly half of America's oil refineries. (article 6) Now Playing: Houston residents urged to stay off roads during serious and unprecedented storm Now Playing: Flights canceled, cruises unable to dock due to Hurricane Harvey. (article 1) Now Playing: San Antonio Mayor: No one will be turned away, we 're here to help Now Playing: Hurricane Harvey: Storm surge and inland flooding are main focus. (article 1) Now Playing: The Money Fight: McGregor, Mayweather on the most lucrative fight in sports history. (article 7) Now Playing: Who will survive the Game of Thrones' season finale? Now Playing: Paramore performs Told You So live in Central Park. (article 7) Now Playing: Car sales hit a summer slump dropping in July for the 5th month in a row. (article 5) Now Playing: Cronut creator stops by Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis' Now Playing : FCC cracks down on company's robo-calls. (article 5)

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    1. Now Playing: Tropical Storm Harvey strengthens to hurricane (, 08/25/2017, 198 words)
    2. Now Playing: Time lapse: Hurricane Harvey moves towards Texas coast (, 08/26/2017, 186 words)
    3. Inside the eye of Hurricane Harvey Video (, 08/26/2017, 205 words)
    4. Now Playing: Time lapse: Hurricane Harvey moves towards Texas coast (, 08/26/2017, 198 words)
    5. Now Playing: Sales of American-made Airstream RVs reach new heights (, 08/24/2017, 94 words)
    6. Gas prices expected to rise as Hurricane Harvey passes over oil refineries Video (, 08/26/2017, 214 words)
    7. Now Playing: Luis Fonsi performs his smash hit 'Despacito' live on 'GMA' (, 08/25/2017, 206 words)
    8. Now Playing: 1 dead, 3 injured in University of Texas stabbing (, 08/25/2017, 75 words)
    9. Now Playing: Tillerson praises North Korea for 'restraint,' hopes for 'pathway' to dialogue (, 08/25/2017, 171 words)
    10. American service member missing in Yemen Video (, 08/26/2017, 207 words)

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