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Sunday, August 27, 2017
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Trump signs memo banning transgender people from joining military
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[UPDATED] (see summary with new information since yesterday)
Active-duty transgender troops say a policy change that puts them at risk of being removed and indefinitely bars transgender people from enlisting in the military is a step backward for civil rights that will promote inequality in the armed forces. (article 3) President Donald Trump on Friday directed the Pentagon to extend a ban on transgender individuals joining the military but gave the Pentagon the authority to decide the future of openly transgender people already serving. (article 3) The White House on Friday outlined its new policy on handling transgender service members in the military, reinstating many restrictions that had been lifted last year but giving Secretary of Defense James Mattis broad discretion on how to handle transgender troops currently serving. (article 5) The White House directed the Pentagon to deny admission to transgender individuals and stop using "government resources" funds for medical treatment for those already serving in the military. (article 5) The new policy, outlined in a call from senior administration officials late Friday, makes exceptions for those receiving medical care in some cases " to protect the health of the individual who has already begun treatment. (article 5) The Defense Department will have six month to consider how to handle openly transgender people currently serving in the military under a memorandum that Trump signed on Friday, official said. (article 1)

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