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Trump pardons former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio
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Criticism of President Donald Trump announced on Friday he was Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an anti-immigration hardliner found guilty last month for flouting a 2011 court order that barred officers from detaining Latino motorists solely on the suspicion they were illegal immigrants. (article 12) Trump on Friday pardoned Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff whose aggressive efforts to hunt down and detain unauthorized immigrants made him a national symbol of the divisive politics of immigration and earned him a criminal contempt conviction. (article 9) Trump's pardon Friday night of Arpaio of Arizona leaves me disappointed and exhausted by yet another action the occupant of the White House has taken to insult and degrade the entire Hispanic community. (article 14) As Arpaio's federal case headed toward trial this past spring, Trump wanted to act to help the former Arizona county sheriff who had become a campaign-trail companion and a partner in their crusade against illegal immigration. (article 1) Arpaio was convicted by a federal judge in July of criminal contempt after being charged with violating a court order that attempted to prevent suspected illegal immigrants from being targeted by the sheriff's traffic patrols. (article 3) Arpaio's long record also included housing some prisoners in an outdoor "tent city" where temperatures reached the triple digits and using chain gangs. (article 11)

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