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Sunday, August 27, 2017
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If goal in Afghanistan 'is stalemate, we have achieved it,' former US envoy says
Summary from United States, from articles in English
Alice Wells, Washington's special representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan, had been scheduled to meet Pakistani officials this week in Islamabad. (article 1) In Karachi police officer Irfan Baloch said police took action when a group of Shiite students tried to march toward the U.S. consulate and an officer was injured in the process. (article 1) US President Donald Trump in a speech announcing a new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia said Washington wanted an immediate end to militant sanctuaries, particularly to members of the Haqqani network blamed for some of the worst attacks in Afghanistan. (article 1) US Army Gen. John Nicholson made a promise on Thursday to "annihilate" Daesh and "crush the remnants" of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. (article 4) Sputnik reported in June that Daesh militants had stormed the Tora Bora tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, kicking out the Taliban in the process. (article 4) For the fighter pilots at the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan, Trump's new strategy for the war should mean escalating an already surging air campaign, and possibly including an unrestrained offensive against the Taliban. (article 3) Three basic options were on the table-stay and increase troop levels, pull out, or replace U.S. troops with private contractors. (article 5)

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    Source articles
    1. Pakistani police fire tear gas to disperse anti-US crowd (FOX News, 08/27/2017, 218 words)
    2. If goal in Afghanistan 'is stalemate, we have achieved it,' former US envoy says (, 08/27/2017, 820 words)
    3. U.S. fighter pilots in Afghanistan prepare for more air strikes (Reuters, 08/25/2017, 777 words)
    4. US General beats Central Asia war drums, promises to ‘annihilate’ Daesh (, 08/25/2017, 733 words)
    5. Prev Post Next Post (FOX News, 08/25/2017, 525 words)

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