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Amazon Prime Members to Get 'Special Savings' at Whole Foods
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[UPDATED] (see summary with new information since yesterday)
A U.S. Democratic senator on Friday questioned the Federal Trade Commission's quick approval of A Inc's purchase of Whole Foods Market Inc this week, less than three months after the $13.7 billion deal was announced. (article 5) The FTC said on Wednesday that it had ended its antitrust investigation without seeking a second request for additional information on a deal that has sent shock waves through the grocery industry. (article 5) Whole Foods, purveyor of kale and other upper middle-class household staples, has been acquired by Amazon, purveyor of everything that can possibly be purveyed. (article 1) Of course, Amazon also has another mission, and that's to get as many people as possible to sign up for Amazon Prime. (article 1) The most popular theory was that a harsh editorial in the Washington Post - which Amazon founder Jeff Bezos owns - had set Trump off. (article 4) Amazon's $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market is set to become a done deal on Monday, and that will be good news for shoppers - especially those with a Prime membership. (article 2) A Inc. won't complete its acquisition of Whole Foods until Monday, but the Internet giant is already promising lower prices for consumers and more perks for Prime members. (article 3)

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